One thought on “Biography”

  1. Donald Forrest Hundley says:

    Well First ,, I do not watch Porn At All ,, But My
    Bass Player ,, Told Me You Where The Best !
    So I Snagged Some Pictures Of You From The Net!

    And for once in My Life I Watched One of your
    Videos ! Well I’m still not a Fan of Porn ,, But I
    Have to admit,, That you are without a dought the most Beautiful woman I have ever seen !

    Now I Know You Here That Every Day !
    But from me ? I don’t coment at all !

    But I wanted to say thank your Mother & Your
    Father for me ! For Bringing Such A Beautiful
    Woman Into This World ! And I’m Your New Fan ,, I Hope You Don’t Mind ? Love Donny
    Retired U.S. Marine Core Combat Vet. Thanks
    But You need to Know why ,,,,,,,,, Well it’s
    Very simple You Have REALLY The Most Beautiful Smile In This World ! Nope I’m Not Kidding !

    And Your Husband Is A Complete Man ! For Being By Your Side ! He has a US Marine Core Code of Hornarable Conduct From Me !

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